Buy A Boat, Save For College! It’s That Simple.

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College tuition has become an incredible expense for most families and costs are rising each year. We are so pleased to announce that Woodard Marine is an active partner in the CollegeSave Program!

What is the CollegeSave Program, exactly? 

With the CollegeSave program, you can save thousands on tuition at over 370 colleges with guaranteed scholarships for your kids, grandkids, stepkids, nieces, nephews or any child in your family. Godchildren qualify too!

It’s simple; when you buy a qualifying boat at Woodard Marine, you are entitled to a free CollegeSave membership. This membership features information and benefits designed to help you afford the cost of a college education.

There is no cost to you. 

When it comes to buying bigger ticket luxury items like boats, we can sometimes let practicality take over. We don’t really need a boat, even though we love the lake. Our plans for the future impact our ability to truly enjoy the present. What really matters is creating lasting memories with your family and friends. 

With the CollegeSave program, you can plan for the future of your family AND create fantastic memories along the way. It’s time for you to enjoy the journey.

What else is great? The colleges cover 100% of the cost of the tuition discounts, making it possible for our dealership to this to you! 

The savings are spread out over four years at a participating institution. For example, if you earned $10,000, the member would get a $2,500 discount off tuition during each year of college enrollment. 

Woodard Marine is the ONLY boat dealer in the United States offering this program! 

We are so lucky to have the opportunity to offer this awesome program to you. At Woodard Marine, we want you to be happy and we love what we do. We especially love watching families walking out our door with keys in hand ready to start their love affair with the water. 

We are all obsessed with our jobs here because we have strong passions for the boating lifestyle. We’ve lived it! We know how hard it can be to afford this awesome lifestyle, so we wanted to invest strongly in your family’s educational future. The best part is that: 

80% of the colleges are on the U.S. News & World Report list of America’s Best Colleges. 

CollegeSave features some of the best colleges in America. If you would like to see if a particular college qualifies, please let us know. The list updates frequently but we are happy to explore the database and check for you.

Save with Woodard Marine

When you buy a qualifying boat, you can not only save money on college tuition but we have some awesome deals for you. Our sales team is always looking for manufacturer incentives that they can pass along to you. Our Sales & Promotions page on the website has our most updated specials.

If you’re in the market for a boat, we invite you to check our Woodard Marine. The CollegeSave program is just one of the ways we try to help our customers. 

Have questions or want more details? We’ve got you covered!


Students must be admitted to one of the participating colleges on standard admission criteria. Students use the tuition discounts for savings off full tuition in 4 equal installments from freshman to senior year of college. The tuition savings benefit is provided as a discount off tuition by each college; schools sign contracts with the program‘s college network administrator to honor the tuition discount (it is never paid in cash to a participating student or family). All students in the member’s extended family are eligible, from birth to the beginning of the junior year of high school; members can name their child, stepchild, niece, nephew, cousin, godchild or grandchild as a beneficiary of the tuition discounts. There is no requirement for students to select a college they will attend in advance. The Tuition Discount points represent a guaranteed minimum scholarship that can be combined with other aid offered by the participating college. Additional requirements, including deadlines for registering students in the program and procedures for redemption of tuition discounts are provided in the CollegeSave Membership Terms and Conditions on the program membership portal.

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