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5 Must Have Boating Gadgets for 2016

Boating season is upon us! It's time to step up your game. #BoatingGadgets


Enthusiasts across the U.S. are seeking out the latest boating gadgets to enhance their

experiences on the water. And manufacturers are now responding to the demand with

technology that supports and complements the boater’s lifestyle. Our specialists have been

analyzing the 2016 marketplace carefully in recent weeks, and in this latest post, we highlight

five of the must­have boating gadgets for 2016.


1. Fish Finder

For the fisherman looking to improve the efficiency of his fishing on the lake this year, why not

choose from the leading fish finder tools available in the current marketplace? Fish finders work

by reflecting pulses of sound energy, showing the pond bed and the underwater debris around

the boat. Some of the latest tools can even provide details on water temperature. One of the

leading options is the Garmin EchoMAP 73SV CHIRP Fishfinder, which features SideVu

technology to present a crystal clear picture of all water areas [...]


Boating and technology may seem to be strange bedfellows since so many people are drawn to the boating lifestyle as a way to get away from the distractions of the outside world and the stresses of everyday life. Nonetheless, technological advances are happening every day that makes it easier and easier to live the boating lifestyle, even for people who don’t own their own boats! Among these handy innovations are the #boatingapps for Apple and Android devices, and while many are designed to keep you and your family safer in one way or another, they are all designed to make your boating life more convenient.

The Different Types of Apps

There are many different kinds of mobile apps available these days, and they can be divided into several subcategories. The majority of boating apps out there are dedicated to important things like weather, navigation, and trip planning. However, there are also boating reference apps, [...]

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Boating Kids Just Plain Rock.

Boating isn’t just a fantastic way to get away from the world and relax because it’s also a family-friendly activity that can teach kids a great deal about the world. In fact, there are many aspects of the boating lifestyle that can enrich a child’s education.

For instance, #kidswhoboat don’t just learn about boating, but also about navigation, safety, mechanics, and knots. Moreover, boating teaches a love of the outdoors, appreciation for nature, and everyday survival skills that are quickly being lost in a world where children spend most of their time inside glued to electronic devices.


Bringing kids into the boating lifestyle is an important rite for boating families because boating has personal, educational, and behavioral benefits for children and adults [...]

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fishing-blog-lund-fury There are things we love to hate about fishing.


All #fishermen worth their salt know there’s no feeling in the world better than making a good catch, and they’re willing to endure the early mornings, cold feet, wet clothes, and pricked fingers just for the chance to feel the thrill of reeling that baby in. But while fishing may seem like a relaxing and quiet pastime with no stresses or headaches, there are definitely a few struggles that every dedicated fisherman has encountered at one time or another.



PIC BY ELIZAVETA TISHCENKO / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED The two bears begin to grapple with one another) These fur-ocious images show the moment two bears began scrapping over fishing rights. [...]</p>
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Want to Get Hooked on Fishing?


Share your Best Fishing Photos and Win!



National Fishing and Boating Week is a time of celebration that highlights the importance of recreational boating and fishing. In 2016, the event will take place during June 4-12 2016. This time is dedicated to all activities and discussions pertaining to fishing and boating. During this week, many states offer a day of free fishing where you can take your boat out on the water and fish, free of charge. In Vermont this day of free fishing is on Saturday the 11th of June and in New York it’s later in the month on the weekend of 25th and 26th. This week of celebration is a wonderful opportunity for many to exercise [...]

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The Boating Lifestyle is Why We Do What We Do. It’s Everything to us.


Living the boating lifestyle isn’t about nautical outfits. It’s not about deck shoes either or owning fancy things. In fact, it’s not even about owning a boat, and it certainly isn’t about having the latest toys. The boating lifestyle is about time well spent. It’s about quality time with good people. It’s about being on the open waters with the people you love. And it’s all about freedom, sharing good times, making memories, and feeling the warm breeze in your hair and the cool mist on your face. If that sounds like the kind of life you want, then #bomolife and the boating lifestyle is for you.



PMUSA [...]</p>
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