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4 Awesome Boating Apps for Kids

Boating Apps for Kids

It’s no secret that children today are more likely to learn more about the world through their smartphone than directly. And so it’s important that children have direct access to the world of boating through their smartphone applications. We’ve discovered a number of outstanding boating-based apps through our research and in this latest post we’ll present four awesome boating apps for kids.


Designed for young children, this application gives kids the opportunity to explore how to move on the water and how to plan for a boat trip. The game allows children to take control of a boat and to learn about the way in which a boat moves on the water. It’s a game that will allow children to get used to the idea of being on the water and how to ensure they’re ready when parents take the boat out.


Designed for use by older children interested in learning the dynamics of boating, Boat Parking will teach teenagers the importance of safety when placing their boat at the dock. Within the application, boaters will use their device to take control of the boat and try to find their way through a busy harbor area. Boat Parking offers over 20 levels with increasing difficulty to help ease boaters into the challenges of maneuvering their vessel. The game is also known for its outstanding ability to replicate real-world boat physics.


A simple, fun, and interesting game for all types of young boater. Sea Captain 2016 sees the player become the owner of a rusty fishing boat, and presents the opportunity to explore the open ocean while catching fish, shrimp, and crabs. Players can upgrade their rods, trap and boat as the game moves forward, showcasing the fun of boating and the breathtaking experiences to take in on the open water.


Important for older teenagers taking their boat out for the first time, Tides Near Me presents clear information on the tides in the user’s local area. This can ensure the boater plans their trip carefully and avoids dangerous boating conditions. The data available through the app provides real-time updates on tidal conditions according to the GPS system on the person’s phone.

These applications offer something unique for both younger and older children as they begin to explore the wonderful world of boating. To learn more about the latest boating apps for kids, contact our team today!

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