2019 Boat Show of a Lifetime



no payments until summer*
Woodard Marine collegesave program
Woodard Marine Coupon Booklet


On March 18th through March 24th we will feature our brand new 2019 models as well as a huge selection of certified pre-owned boats for sale.  We even extended our show days so you won’t’ feel pressured to make a decision; we want to help you find the perfect boat for you.

This year our annual boat show is tailored to you, to family. Instead of being like every other boat show on the planet making offers which have a shelf-life of 72-hours; we’ve decided to do things a little different. We’ve decided to give you an opportunity to sit down with us, then discuss with the ones you love, and ultimately make a decision which will provide your family joy for years to come. 

It’s our intention, our goal, our motivation to provide you and your entire family their boats for a lifetime. And the most effective way for us to do that is by earning your trust and creating a relationship, a bond, one which can never be broken.

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At “The Boat Show of a Lifetime”, when you buy a boat from Woodard Marine you will receive*:

  • No Payments Until Summer. That’s right. If you buy a boat during the boat show, you’ll enjoy your boat before you make a payment!
  • Special manufacturer discounts.*
  • CollegeSave Program.  Potential to receive up to $10,000 in college tuition credit!
  • Check out 100+ boats in stock from over 13 different brands including all-new 2019’s and certified pre-owned!
  • Exclusive Transparent Pricing. Woodard Marine will show you exactly what you’re paying for!
  • Woodard Marine Coupon Booklet.  Loaded with savings on great stuff such as gas, accessories, dock rentals, and storage.

*video has only music; no narration.



*See Woodard Marine for details on eligible boats for promotions and rebates. $10k CollegeSave program available on select boats; full disclaimer available at the dealership. See dealer for all details. No payment promotion is based on credit approval with creditors through Woodard Marine sales department.  All loan contracts must be completed and finalized by April 6, 2019.  The 90 day deferment starts from the loan closing date on or before April 6 , 2019 .  Woodard Marine will be paying the purchaser the amount of their first total monthly payment on their approved loan through Woodard Marine and approved creditor through Woodard Marine up to $400 ( whichever is less).  Purchaser is responsible for making their first monthly-payment after the 90 day deferment. By utilizing the money paid by Woodard Marine to the purchaser In the amount of their first monthly payment on loan approval (or up to $400, whichever is lower) , Woodard Marine assumes the purchaser is utilizing this receive money for the purpose of paying their first monthly loan payment after the 90 day deferment program. If purchaser decided to finance with their own institution or pay with cash or check, Woodard Marine will not consider the purchaser as a participant of this deferment program. There is no cash value to this program or trades. 

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